Buying Furniture: Top Tips!

Excluding property or a vehicle, furniture is one of the the biggest purchases you’ll ever make in your life so it’s important to make the right choice.

We’ve put together a quick checklist of points to consider before you even think about making a purchase!

  1. Measure!

Measure every single inch of your room and don’t forget about any radiators, windows or doors!  Once this is done you’ll need to work out how much space you need for each bit of furniture that you want in your room – and then measure everything again to make sure it will all fit! (And remember to account for skirting boards!)

(And a quick note, don’t forget to measure your doors! Imagine falling in love with your dream sofa and then not being able to get it into your house?? Note down the width, height and diagonal (from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner) measurements so that you can work out exactly what will fit through the door frames!)

2. Decide what you need!

Are you looking for a combination of sofa sizes or just one big one?  Does your living room also double as a dining room?  Do you need a dining table with drop leafs to maximise your space? Is your coffee table going to be functional or will it sit in the very centre of the room as more of a centrepiece?

Once you’ve got a basic idea of what kind of furniture you’re after, you need to think about what kind of styles or colours you’d like. Fabric or leather? Glass or wood? Colourful or neutral? Classic or contemporary? A general idea of what you’re after makes it much easier to decide once you start looking to buy.

3. Consider your home and lifestyle!

For busy households you’ll need to keep the furniture’s durability in mind.  Do you have pets?  Any children?  It’s a pretty safe bet to say that if you have pets or kids – or even if you’re a little clumsy and seem to have a habit of knocking that cup of coffee or glass of red wine over! – then you’ll want to avoid light coloured materials and those that can’t be easily cleaned.

4. Set a budget!

There are so many beautiful interior design magazines and websites around at the moment that it can be easy to get carried away so make sure you have a rough budget in mind!

That said, you don’t have to compromise style when working to a budget.  The saying usually goes, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ but not at Trade Secret!  Brand new, high quality furniture and accessories from high street stores and the only difference is that our prices are up to 60% cheaper than the RRP!