Over the last 17 years we have built up trusted relationships with many high profile, well known high street stores and the suppliers and wholesalers to these stores. Part of our contractual agreement with these brands is that we cannot openly advertise their names or products on our website.

However, what we have agreed with some stores is that we can display and sell their product online via our “SECRET DEAL” emails.

In an email to our REGISTERED MEMBERS ONLY there is a link to a “hidden page” that is only accessible via the link in the email. This page features a selection of branded product that our registered members can view and buy online.

The only way to access this page is by signing up via the form below and following the link in our weekly emails.

We know that it may be frustrating at times, but adhering to these strict guidelines means that we’re able to continue offering you branded stock at up to 60% off the RRP – and we think that’s a small price to pay!!