We want to provide our commercial partners with the very best, high quality furniture products at the lowest possible prices. That’s why at Trade Secret, we encourage landlords, bed and breakfast providers etc to contact us directly if you are looking to place orders of a higher volume amount. We are currently investigating new ways to help generate more savings for our commercial customers in return for their continued loyalty. Watch this space for more announcements regarding these developments later this year.

How to get in contact

Although we do not yet have a loyalty service active for our commercial customers, we are still able to negotiate on costs from our online store or in-store depending on the quantity of stock you are looking to purchase for any number of your businesses or properties that you may own. If you are interested in buying from us in larger volumes (for example 10-20+ items per month), then please contact us at and we will be in touch.

The more you buy – The more you save

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our customer service, not just to the general public, but also towards our commercial partners. We are currently looking into ways of offering rewards with additional saving schemes. Look out for more information on this soon.